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Love On Paper is a stationery company based on a simple concept of celebrating all that you are.  That could mean the Indian or Hispanic in you, the Modern or Playful you.  We are all such multi dimensional people and thank goodness for that!  No two people have the same story or the same experiences.  Our products deliver on both our similarities to one another as well as our individual styles.

well made

We have sourced the globe for the best quality papers so you don't have to. Metallics, cottons and linens combined with the latest in print technology as well as the oldest.

a reflection of you

All great events have one secret to their success. Making it your own. Let us help you find the best style, color and wording that fits you.


Weddings are meant to be celebrations through and through. From the planning to the reflecting. Start the event off right with an invitation packed with love.



Sometimes we are destined to have more than one partner in life.  Meet the Artist and Entrepreneur.



Andaleeb Firdosy

As written by Bippan - Andaleeb had the tremendous opportunity of growing up with entrepreneurial parents whose passion was about nurturing the creativity in young children.  As a child she traveled, moved and was exposed to many different cultures and traditions, finding herself being able to adapt to them all.  Born into a family of artists, she nurtured her passions in photography, film and graphic design.  Taking up studies for ____ years at ______.  Just like her beginnings she gained a depth of knowledge working for various agencies on many national brands and campaigns.  Most recently she held the position of being the Creative Art Director for Walt Disney World Parks & Entertainment.  Before entering into the entrepreneurial journey as my partner Andaleeb had been creating bespoke stationery as a side passion and later as the Founder of Azure.  Today, I would describe Andaleeb, as driven, a natural artist, and a loving and compassionate Mother and wife.  I never thought the day would come that I would find someone as passionate about stationery - it’s meaningfulness, it’s tradition and it’s pure joy.

Abby Smith
Lead Designer

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